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Regional Dialogue on Transboundary Water Resources Management in SEE

Ninety percent (90%) of the area of Southeastern Europe (SEE) falls within shared basins. More than 50% of these basins are shared by three or more riparian countries. In addition, more than 50 transboundary aquifers exist and many of them are interlinked with surface water bodies.

Key challenges for the management of these basins and water bodies include uneven distribution, hence availability, of water in space and time as well as industrial and domestic pollution and increasing demand for development uses. Furthermore, differences in governance regimes among the SEE countries add to the complexity.

There is an increasing consensus that enhanced cooperation among riparian countries and eventual adoption of related arrangements are essential, being part of the effort towards integrated water resources management (IWRM) at the basin level, for the protection and sustainable use of transboundary water resources.

A Regional Dialogue on Transboundary Water Resources Management in SEE is carried out since 2005 to facilitate action in this regard. A growing number of core Partners are working under the Petersberg Phase II / Athens Declaration Process. The UNECE Water Convention and the EU Water Framework Directive provide the political framework for the activities under the Dialogue and the Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative the policy framework.

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