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Learn more about the SEE website.

This Website is one of the tools used to facilitate a Regional Dialogue for Transboundary Waters Resources Management in the Southeastern Europe region.

Other means used are International Roundtables, Capacity Building Workshops, Study Visits, Multi-stakeholders Dialogues and Studies to support these activities. The Website in addition to disseminating information, it aims to assist in experience sharing on TWRM issues thus contributing to the cross-fertilization between competent organizations and persons with roles in the management of shared water bodies in the region and sustaining a community of practice in the SEE.

Its creation has been part of the activities under the GEF IW:LEARN3 Project and more specifically its Activity 1B “ Regional Dialogue in Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean region on transboundary water resources management”.

Information under the section “Transboundary Water Bodies in SEE” drew extensively on the Second Assessment of Transboundary Rivers, Lakes and Groundwaters prepared by the UNECE, published on August 2011.

The website is facilitated by GWP-Med.

small river delta