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• Transboundary Water Bodies

This pages includes links to websites with regard to Transboundary Water Bodies in the SEE
  • Mesta/Nestos River

UNESCO HELP programme
This webpage contain useful information regarding the Basin Properties (Geographical, Physical, Policy and Legislative, Institutional etc.).


  • Neretva River

Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on the Neretva river delta
Integrated Ecosystem Management of the Neretva and Trebisjnica River Basin. Information on the project in: World Bank’s website , GEFInternational Waters resource Network


  • Sava River

USAID Support for the Development of International Framework Agreement for Sava River Basin (2002–2006)
Sava River Basin Initiative
Pilot River Basin Plan for Sava River
SARIB Project
ENVSEC Project
EC CARDS "Sava project" "Pilot River Basin Plan for Sava River- Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro". Many of the materials provided are in Serbo- Croat.


  • Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid Management Program
Report about the Lake Ohrid Watershed Region. UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science in Europe


  • Lake Prespa

Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Transboundary Prespa Park Region
Transboundary Prespa Park


  • Lake Shkoder

Lake Shkoder Integrated Ecosystem Management. Information on the project in World Bank’s website , GEFInternational Waters resource Network