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The Global Environment Facility's International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network (GEF IW:LEARN) is a program that promotes experience sharing and learning among GEF International Waters projects and the country officials, agencies, and partners working on them. Its goal is to strengthen Transboundary Waters Management (TWM).


IW:LEARN is the Global Environment Facility's (GEF) International Waters: Learning Exchange and Resource Network.

GEF IW:LEARN has as a mission to strengthen Transboundary Waters Management (TWM) by facilitating portfolio learning and information management amongst GEF IW projects and partners. GEF IW:LEARN aims to strengthen global portfolio experience sharing and learning, dialogue facilitation, targeted knowledge sharing and replication in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of GEF IW projects to deliver tangible results in partnership with other IW initiatives.

GEF-IW:LEARN fosters structured learning, information sharing, collaboration and replication across the GEF’s International Waters (IW) portfolio, at local, regional and global scales.

GEF IW:LEARN directly contributes to the GEF’s Operational Programme of developing several global International Waters projects (Objective 10) aimed at:
• Deriving and disseminating lessons learned from projects undertaken in the pilot phase and the permanent GEF.
• Sharing the learning experience with groups of countries cooperating on International Water projects.
• Addressing the technical and institutional needs of those countries cooperating on International Waters projects.

and helps towards:
• Strengthening global capacity to learn and apply the lessons of experience from TWM approach rather than duplicate mistakes.
• Exchanging successful approaches among existing projects and those under preparation.
• Environmental sustainability.

Implementation structure and partners

GEF IW:LEARN, implemented by the UN Development Programme and the UN Environment Programme (Division of Early Warning and Assessment), works in partnership with international organizations, institutions and programs, national institutions and academia. The United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Environment Programme oversee a joint IW:LEARN project coordination unit (PCU) that includes staff working for the United Nations Office for Project Services, UNDP & UNEP themselves, as well as SeaStart Southeast Asia.

For more information visit the GEF IW:LEARN website.