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Buna/Bojana River Basin

The Buna/Bojana River is the outflow of the Lake Shkoder/Skadar and is shared by Albania (Buna) and Montenegro (Bojana); it forms part of their border before flowing into the Adriatic Sea.

river houses

The 44 kilometer long Buna/Bojana River is a sub-basin of the “extended” Drin River basin; Drin flows into Buna/Bojana shortly after the outflow of the latter from Lake Shkoder/Skadar. Buna/ Bojana forms an extensive deltaic area of major ecological importance. The delta is among the most important natural or semi-natural wetlands in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is characterized by:

  • rich and diverse natural habitats featuring a variety of flora and fauna;
  • a natural landscape of great value;
  • a unique cultural identity depicted in the landscape, historic monuments and societal practices.

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An integrated management plan for the Buna/Bojana transboundary basin is being prepared by PAP/RAC, GWP‐Med and UNESCO‐IHP in coordination with the Albanian and Montenegrin ministries competent for environment, coastal zone and water resources management.