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Stakeholders involvement

Stakeholders have been central in the establishment of coordinated action in the Drin Basin. The Shared Vision for the management of the Drin Basin, that is the objective of the Drin Memorandum of Understanding (Drin MoU, Tirana, 25 November 2011), has been the outcome of the Drin Dialogue, a multi-stakeholders process that comprised a number of consultations.

Provisions for stakeholders involvement is included in the Drin MoU as well as in the Action Plan for the implementation of the Drin MoU .

In line with the above, the Drin Core Group takes action to sustain the active engagement of the stakeholders in the process for the management of the Drin Basin through the Drin MoU implementation.

The 2nd Drin Basin Multi-Stakeholders Conference was organized in Tirana, Albania, on 10 - 11 December 2013.


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