The DIKTAS Project

A full sized Global Environmental Fund (GEF) Project aims "to improve understanding of transboundary groundwater resources of the Dinaric region and to facilitate their equitable and sustainable utilisation, including the protection of unique karst groundwater dependent ecosystems".

mountain valleyThe Project started in November 2010 and will last for 4 years.

DIKTAS is a global pioneer project, as it aspires to introduce sustainable integrated management principles in a vastly large transboundary karstic aquifer for the first time. It comprises of the following components:

  • Component 1: Improving the understanding of the resource and of its environmental status.
  • Component 2: Establishing cooperation mechanisms among countries sharing the aquifer.
  • Component 3: Facilitating the harmonization of policies and priority reforms.
  • Component 4: Communication, dissemination and replication of activities.


The Project partners include the Global Environment Facility (GEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

GWP-Med provides expertise with regard to the participatory management of the underground water resources; it coordinates the fourth component of the project.

The following countries participate in the project: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro (as GEF fund recipient countries) and; Italy, Slovenia, Greece and France (as GEF fund non-recipient countries).

For more information please visit the DIKTAS Project website.