Kupa Aquifer - 109

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Croatia

The Kupa Aquifer is made up of Triassic and Cretaceous karstic limestones and dolomites; groundwater flows generally from east to west from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia (HR)/from south to north (BA). Ther are strong links to surface water systems (associated with the Kupa River in BA and Korana River in HR).

Aquifer type 2

In Sovenia: Surface water and groundwater divides separate from state border, recharge in one country, discharge in adjacent.

Kupa AquiferBosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia
Area (sq. km) N/A 100
Groundwater uses and functions No data Predominantly drinking water; also supports
ecosystems; 20% of total water used groundwater.
Groundwater management measures Agreed delineation of possible transboundary
groundwater is needed.
Agreed delineation of transboundary groundwaters,
and development of monitoring programmes are
needed. Need to establish protection zones.
Other information Border length 130 km. Possible transboundary aquifer
should be considered. There is no clear indication (based
on field research) that this aquifer is transboundary.
Border length 130 km. Transboundary aquifer
under consideration, but not approved.