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Posavina I / Sava Aquifer - 108

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Croatia

Aquifer type 3

In Croatia: State border follows major river or lake, alluvial aquifer connected to river, little transboundary flow.

The Posavina I / Sava Aquifer is made up of Quaternary alluvial sands, gravels, clays and marls. Groundwater flows generally from south to north from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia weak to medium links to surface water systems.

Posavina I / Sava AquiferBosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia
Area (sq. km) Not defined 396
Altitude fluctuation (m) N/A N/A
Thickness: mean, max (m) 100 5-10
Groundwater uses and functions Predominantly drinking water, smaller amounts
(<25% each) for industry and livestock;
groundwater is 100% of total water use
Regional water supply system of eastern Slavonia.
Pressure factors Wastewater, industry and agriculture. No groundwater
quantity problems; naturally occurring iron at
1-4 mg/l in the upper aquifer (15 to 60 m).
Agriculture; No groundwater quantity problems; naturallyoccurring
iron and manganese is a quality issue.
Groundwater management measures Abstraction management, quantity and quality
monitoring, protection zones and agricultural measures
are used but need improvement, water use efficiency
and wastewater treatment are needed or planned.
Common delineation of the transboundary aquifer and
development of monitoring programmes is needed.
Existing protection zones
Other information Border length 85 km. No transboundary impact; in lower
aquifer (depth 90 to 115 m), naturally-occurring iron is
<0.7 mg/l; there is no new relevant information since
the first assessment about this transboundary aquifer.
Border length 85 km. Transboundary aquifer
under consideration, but not approved.


Conceptual sketch of the Posavina I/Sava groundwater body  provided by Bosnia and Herzegovina; sketch is a result of exchange of unofficial data between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.